For years I have been approached by family, friends, and colleagues with the question: “Who is the best in a specific medical field? Who should we contact in regard to my problem, my wife’s problem, or any other family member?”

Despite all the information available to all clients today, at the moment of truth, they are helpless.

I understood the demand and the necessity of establishing and promoting such a service. A real NEED, no only nice to have

My passion is to administer a system which meets real needs.

Why we need this kind of service?

Severe and ongoing shortage of doctors and nurses in the public sector.

Lack of accessible consumer information (for patients).

Deteriorating public services.

Unfamiliarity and lack of understanding of the complex medical system.

Lack of time resources for patients

A service available to any location, at any time.

Provides personal and medical security.

Our Solution

The most difficult thing to find is a person who knows and understands exactly what we need. Despite the vast amount of accessible information available on the Internet we often find ourselves unable to find the specific information we require, or the right person who can offer the proper solution for our problem.

How do we locate that exact person who will guide us or provide us with the appropriate ideas?

ULT!MED is an health care firm which suggest solutions for this exact problem.  The service is based on the most updated urgencies based on the medical history and background in order to enable us to locate experts who can offer you solutions while we deliberate in our specific fields.


Organization and Management of the Medical Activity

  • Straightforward and updated digital medical file.
  • Locating non-dependent optimal treatment options.
  • Initiated contact with the client.
  • Initiated contact with the client.
  • Suggesting Suitable insurance coverage for client's needs.
  • Managing insurance claims.
  • Development and utilization of medical technology.
  • Medical experts.
  • Psychological consultation.
  • Esthetic medicine.
  • Medical tourism.
  • Cooperation and representation of private international medical systems.

Dr. T Schwartz's Experience

  • Has been practicing medicine since 1982.
  • Specialized in general surgery, then cardiac surgery (operations, intensive care, developing and supporting health systems).
  • Two year accredited Medical Administration Program at Bar Ilan University.
  • Management of regional health organization (200,000 members).
  • Active participant in development of medical branch in large insurance company.
  • Establishment of local branch of international medical assistance organization (140 million customers all over the world).
  • Establishment and management of medical system servicing affluent clients in Israel and aboard. Personal medical escorts.
  • Medical consultancy for law firms versus insurance companies with regard to bodily injuries claims.
  • Medical consultancy (via telephone and other media) for members of call centers supplying service in Israel and abroad.
  • Individual medical services.

Our Advantages

  • One Stop Shop – all the medical services concentrated under one roof.
  • Close personalized, individual treatment at any time and especially when necessary.
  • Ultimate accessibility and availability existing in Israel and abroad.
  • The operation is based on an intensive acquaintance of the system within the medical field and vast years of experience and professional connections.
  • Direct communication with medical authorities in Israel and abroad according to need, as opposed to the existing method: through service centers causing waste of time and lack of efficiency.
  • Full objectivity in choosing treatment and care suppliers.
  • ULT!MED represents the patient and not the insurance company or private doctors.
  • Total clarity. No reading between the lines.
  • ULT!MED's staff is multidisciplinary.
  • Avoid dealing with bureaucracy, coordinating, preparing.

Contac Us

Contact us at 054-4255400 or leave your details and we will return your call.